Redemption Youth

The Redemption Youth Group exists to disciple, equip, and lead students grades 6-12 to pursue Christ with passion and present Christ with purpose in their homes, schools, and friendships.

We want to see our students become more and more like Jesus in how they live with one another, and how they love one another. The teen years are some of the most formative, life-shaping years in a person. We come alongside parents as they lead their students, help them to take ownership of their faith, and do it all in an awesome atmosphere. We want to have fun, we want to make friendships, but most importantly, we want to be more like Jesus.

Every Sunday at 5:30 pm at the church, unless listed below.

June 2: No Youth Group
June 3: Kings Island Trip
June 9: Pool Party at the Holmes’
June 16: No Youth Group (Father’s Day)
June 23: Austin’s Ice Cream Night
July 4: Fireworks at Fly In Cafe
July 14: Pickleball Night
July 28: No Youth Group
August 4: No Youth Group
August 10: Back to School Party

Pastor Rory Chapman leads the youth group - contact him at the form below for the current schedule or with any questions!

Contact Our Youth Leadership

Reach out to Pastor Rory Chapman with any questions about our youth group, and upcoming schedule of events!