Gospel Community Groups

Our Vision

Gospel Community Groups exist at Redemption Church to glorify God by knowing Him truly, loving Him deeply, enjoying Him passionately, 
and living for Him authentically through the shared experience of joyful fellowship with Christ and with each other.

Redemption Church isn’t a charitable organization that does good things, although we are stirred up to good works. Redemption Church isn’t a social club, although we want to provide a sense of belonging. We are a church, a community of followers of Jesus.

True community is where real life change happens; where people can share their lives and their hearts with one another, pray for one another, bear one another’s burdens, and gladly meet the needs of others. Our goal is to see the Gospel change lives. The context in which Gospel change happens is in Gospel Community Groups.

In short, Gospel Community Groups simply means, doing life with one another where the Gospel is central. Central in the mind, heart, affections, desires, relationships, and all of life because the Gospel is the soil in which our relationships in community are grounded and rooted. Gospel Community Groups are a special means of grace for increasing joy in God, deepening relationships with one another, saturating life with the Gospel, and encouraging and strengthening personal faith.

On Sunday mornings we gather as a church, but for the rest of the week we scatter into Gospel Community Groups. Our mission is to build relationships that encourage application of the Gospel to one another’s lives and proclamation of the Gospel in word and deed to our city. Groups meet weekly to encourage one another from the Scriptures to love Jesus and to love their neighbors. Gospel Communities are more than Bible studies or prayer groups—they are welcoming, authentic, deep extended families seeking to know and love Jesus as a group, apply the Gospel directly to the lives within community, connect to one another with the Gospel message, and together connecting the Gospel to the culture.
“Joy in God grows and spreads in the fertile ground of real, consistent, and sacrificial fellowship” – Marshall Segal

Group Information

Kennedy Group
Sunday at 12:30pm
Huntington / South Point

Richert Group
Tuesday at 7:00pm

Elkins Group
Sunday at 4:00pm
Huntington / Chesapeake

Deeds Group
Wednesday at 6:00pm

McKown Group
Sunday at 6:00pm

Miller Group
Thursday at 6:15 or 8:15pm

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The number of seats we fill will not determine the legacy of our churches. The depth to which the gospel penetrates those lives will determine our legacy… [we] want to see as many lives as possible saved and transformed by Jesus. [Our] heart and conviction is that we can, and will, see lives transformed through authentic, gospel-centered community that is inspired by the power and wonder of God.

-Brad House