Ministry Teams

Volunteer to Serve on a Ministry Team

One great way to get connected is to serve on a ministry team here at Redemption Church.
Volunteers typically serve one Sunday per month on their specific team.
Below you will find more info about each team and there is even a form
you can use to sign up or request more info.

Ministry Team Info

Security Team

This team is serving in both the lobby and the gathering space to insure the safety of everyone in attendance at Redemption Church on Sunday mornings.

Sound Team

Working closely with the worship band this team is controlling the sound board before, during, and after our worship gatherings.

Media Team

Serving in our main gathering space during our worship gatherings, this team is setting up and overseeing all digital media from slides to videos.

Babies and Toddlers Team

On Sunday mornings, this team is working with our youngest kids class  ranging from recently born up to around 30 months old, enabling their parents and guardians to worship distraction free.

Pre-School Team

K-5 Team

This team is serving the families of Redemption church on Sunday mornings  by caring for and teaching children ranging from 30 months right up to the end of pre-school.
This team facilitates gospel centered programing for children ranging from kindergarten up through 5th grade on Sunday mornings at Redemption.

Facility Team

Hospitality / Front Door Team

Whenever specific things need set up or our space needs rearranged, this team is on call to do all the heavy lifting required.

Cafe Team

We have goodies to eat and fresh coffee almost every Sunday and this team is responsible for ensuring that happens. Think coffee prep, food delivery, and serving in our cafe.
This team is greeting people at the doors to our lobby and gathering space, directing people where to go, and making sure guest feel welcomed and cared for.

Worship Band

This teams leads us in worship musically every Sunday. If you're gifted at singing or playing an instrument there may just be a spot for you on this team.

Request More Info or Sign Up.

We would love to answer any question you might have and/or get you signed up for a ministry team.
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