The Study is a ministry at Redemption Church focused on biblical and theological equipping for the everyday Christian life.

About the Study

What We Do

Provide in-person and online avenues for Christians to read diligently, study intentionally, learn interactively, and grow holistically.

Why We Exist

To help deepen, heighten, and strengthen believers in both their understanding and enjoyment of God.

Every Christian should make a business of endeavoring to grow in the knowledge of divinity.

Jonathan Edwards

We Teach

Our Teaching Series offers an assortment of biblical and doctrinal studies, theology, apologetics, hermeneutics, church history, and much more. Lecture notes, videos, and workbooks are available to help you grow in your knowledge and love of God.

We Equip

Throughout the year our leaders are engaged in organizing various small group Bible studies and book studies, aimed at building up, motivating, strengthening, and developing you personally to be better equipped to live for God and His glory.

We Publish

Our fellowship of leaders at Redemption Church publish a variety of online devotions, articles, and podcasts, as well as provide recommended books and additional online study resources to help support and encourage you in your faith.

Online Resources

Click the button below to view our online study resources, including our devotional series, daily prayer devotions, bible memory, bible reading plan, and more!