Who We Are

Redemption Church exists to,
pursue Christ with passion and present Christ with purpose.

Redemption Church is a people who are committed to love, worship, and follow Jesus. We are seeking to be made like him through faith in his death and resurrection. We are a people who love God’s grace to us in Jesus Christ and proclaim God’s demonstration of love in Jesus Christ.

We believe the gospel of Jesus changes everything. To be the church is to live for Jesus. Church isn’t meetings or programs or events. It’s a people who are being transformed in all of life so that we live normal everyday lives with what we call gospel centeredness. We’re intentionally shaping our words, decisions, relationship, and values from, through, and in the gospel of Jesus.

This plays itself out in our worship, our community, our service, and our mission. Our unity is found in the gospel, not our style or age. Our passion for life isn’t driven by performance but by the grace of God. We share this message with our city. We apply the gospel to our lives in community.

We grow in Christ like living as we repent of sin and believe Jesus. We use our gifts and resources to spread Jesus’ fame for the joy of all people. And we multiply the gospel’s influence through local and global gospel proclamation and good works.

Our Leaders

What We Believe

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